'Big' Mitch Baker


Is 'Big' Mitch Baker Dead or Still Alive? 'Big' Mitch Baker Birthday and Age

'Big' Mitch Baker

How Old Is 'Big' Mitch Baker? 'Big' Mitch Baker Birthday

'Big' Mitch Baker was born in 1947 and is 75 years old now.

Birthday: 1947
How Old - Age: 75

'Big' Mitch Baker Death Fact Check

Mitch is alive and kicking and is currently 75 years old.
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'Big' Mitch Baker - Biography

Pre-1986Baker is a Vietnam veteran, and apparently earned a Purple Heart while killing a village full of Viet Cong. He believes that Vice City's police mistreat veterans (or at least, disaffected and violent ones such as himself), which has consequently led to innumerable clashes and 13 (presumably brief) stints in jail. He runs a local biker gang from The Greasy Chopper bar and is extremely loyal to his "family".1986Tommy Vercetti has to earn Baker's respect before he can get the gang to provide security for a Love Fist concert. This is because when Kent Paul, the manager of Love Fist tried, as Mitch tells it, "He went out of the window in nothing but his limey birthday suit" - this arrangement may be a parallel to the disastrous Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway in 1969.Tommy starts working for Mitch. Firstly, Mitch tells Tommy that he needs to prove himself in a bike race, in which Tommy won. Mitch later reveals that he knows Tommy's history and tells him to cause chaos in the streets, "to show who's the boss".Finally, Mitch asks Tommy to re-take his bike, an Angel, from the Sharks, who stole it. Tommy succeeded in retaking the bike, and Mitch agrees to provide security for the Love Fist show.After the show, Mitch calls Tommy, saying that he enjoyed the show, and finally, saying Tommy to take care himself.Mitch calls into V-Rock, Vice City's rock-and-roll radio station, complaining that they play too many hair bands and not enough hard rock.