Is Buttercup Dead or Still Alive? Buttercup Birthday and Age


Buttercup Death Fact Check

Buttercup is alive and kicking.
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Is Buttercup's father, Professor Utonium, dead or alive?

Professor Utonium's information is not available now.

Buttercup's sisters :

Buttercup has 3 sisters:
  • Buttercup's sister, Blossom, is still alive and kicking.

  • Buttercup's sister, Bubbles, is still alive and kicking.

  • Bunny (One Time Sister)

Buttercup - Biography

Buttercup has short black hair in a flip with a small triangular part on her forehead. She has lime green eyes, and dresses in lime green. Referred to in the ending theme as "the toughest fighter", she is the group's tough one and is easily enraged. Sometimes this, and her agression gets the better of her, making her a little reckless and stubborn (but she over came it in the episode "Makes Zen to Me"). She also showed a greedy side in the episode "Moral Decay," to which she knocked out all of bad guys' teeth for money earns. She has shown these sides, and a softer side in several episodes. For example, in the episode "Cover Up", she had a soft green blanket that she was obsessed with that she would hug that gave her the confidence to be a better fighter, and she is quite protective over her sisters. In the episode "Nuthin' Special," her special "ability" is to curl her tongue (Blossom and Bubbles cannot do this, nor can anyone else in Townsville) which is revealed. She posseses a violent and mean streak not displayed by her sisters.

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