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Cate Montana Author - What to say when I know that everything about me is a story and not the real “me” at all? I guess I could tell you a little of the story (and if you want that click here). Or I could just say this:From a young age I wanted answers. REAL answers. Not fabrications and stories and belief systems from other times and other people. I took Jesus’ word for it when he (apparently) said, “The kingdom of heaven lies within” and went looking for it. And I found it. And in the process learned the mechanics of what keeps humans outside the gates.THIS is what I have to share with you. If you’ve ever asked the BIG questions like “Who am I? Why am I here? What’s life? What’s God? What’s death?” and been frustrated at the lack of answers, or the fluffy woo-wooness of the answers, or the sheer repetitiveness of the same-old answers, or the confusion of conflicting answers, you’ve come to the right place.Yes, there’s info on this site about all my books. Enjoy it! But The E Word is where it’s at right now.The book and all the blogs and videos and workshops (and webinars and online courses to come) are designed to give you no-nonsense information about the ego’s true nature and an understanding as to why the ego and the kingdom of heaven are mutually exclusive territories until we wake up to what the ego is and get a handle on it.Then the story changes and life changes and we evolve into an exciting new adventure called transpersonal consciousness—the intermediate stage of civilization that will flower when people are no longer ruled by the blind self-absorption and error-fraught perceptions of the personal ego—the great foreseen Golden Age of peace that will reign before the next evolutionary step is taken and the transcendent state of consciousness called the “no ego” state of enlightenment occurs.So welcome! Dive in! I hope you find hope here. For despite appearances to the contrary, the 21st century is actually the most hopeful time and age in human evolution yet. We just have to get on the ball, hitch up our Big Girl and Big Boy pants, face the ego and its shadows, kick over the traces of religion and superstition, learn what’s really going on and get on with it.

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