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Congressman Alex Shrub

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Congressman Alex Shrub - Biography

Birth-1980According to, Shrub was elected to Congress in 1980, becoming the youngest state congressman in Vice City history. At an unknown point in time, Shrub married his wife Laura, though their marriage appears to be unhappy, with Shrub describing his wife as "hideous" on Pressing Issues, and his VCPD profile claims he is a "known philanderer".Shrub is a pragmatic and amoral congressman who knowingly tries to cover up and distracts people from the fact that Vice City is going downhill under his term. He cares only about money and has allowed businesses to do as they please, such as legalization of Giggle Cream, a hazardous dessert which has killed 23 people. He also has an open contempt for the poor saying they were "too stupid" to understand what he was saying during his campaign so he gave out candy bars to "appeal to their basest of instincts", hates the very concept of sharing, doesn't believe people should elect their leaders, and believes that people without jobs should starve. He also hates liberals and wants to make it legal to allow them to be beaten with sticks.Political CareerAccording to statements Shrub made on Pressing Issues, legislation he supported "ensured important tax breaks for gun dealers, real estate developers" and "cut the cost of policing, saving the city 2%, or 25 cents per household, over a 6 year period".1986Shrub first appears during "The Party", as one of the guests on Colonel Juan Cortez's yacht.Later in the game, Shrub seeks to ban the legal distribution of pornography in Vice City in order to gain favor with the puritan voters of the city. Tommy Vercetti, having just purchased a pornographic film studio, sketches up a plan to stop this. He sends Shrub's favorite prostitute, Candy Suxxx, to his condo and then proceeds to take pictures of him and Suxxx engaged in cross-dressing.