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Hello Kitty, thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for Skin Artists readers. I'm really glad that I got the chance to share some of my thoughts with you. Inspirational, creative, enthusiastic unique and gorgeous girl, are the few words to describe you! You have very impressive portfolio, you look stunning, you do amazing work and your creative fields might be a great inspiration for many of us. World published alternative model, actress, designer/illustrator, painter, special Fx artist and children's book author. What else?!? Probably the coolest person I've ever seen. A role model to many young girls, dreaming for a successful career. Cool, girl! hahaWhere should I start, having so much info?Q: To be a successful person, there must be an indescribable passion, dedication and love. What was actually the first love? A: My first and one true love is art, in its entirety. May it be modeling, acting, drawing, painting or just creating, I love art! Q: Who was the most inspiring person that helped you to get into the business? Did you believe that one day you will be famous and happy for your success, or you just simply followed the instructions given by your intuition? (laugh)A: I’ve always been inspired by creative adventurous women who never let anyone stand in their way, like Cyndi Lauper, Betsey Johnson and Wendy O. Williams but most importantly I’ve learned its best to surround yourself with positive people who are inspirational. There wasn’t one person who was more inspiriting or molded me into the person I am today. It’s almost he opposite, I became everything everyone thought I couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t become and I’m a bigger success than they ever imaged I could.Q: Talking of your beginnings, what was the scariest thought you've had while trying to make a career and getting noticed? A: Rejection has always been hard and at first that was the scariest part but the further I get in my career I understand that in life you’re not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok!Q: Being a creative person must be a blast! You express your creativity on many types of art mediums, such as illustrations, painting, tattooing, special Fx, you even published a children's book. What medium you like the most? Where do you find most creative freedom? A: There isn’t one type of art that I like more than another but there are times that I want to draw, there are times I want to pain and there are days I want nothing more than to just inspire others anyway I can. Q: What medium express your personality the most? A: Over the last few months I’ve done nothing but design new outfits for photo shoots and create shoot concepts. It’s been a blast but I’m starting to crave a good ink and paper day! I think I’ll start working on a new tattoo flash sheet soon. I’ve also been tossing around a few new children’s book ideas with the help of a few friends. If all goes well I should have a second book out in early 2014.Q: Being constantly busy and working hard on many creative projects must be hard at times. How do you get inspired? A: I’ve been called a workaholic a time or two but I love it. I find inspiration in those around me, in nature, in architecture, in music, in weather, in anything and everything. I inspire to inspire others to do more in life.Q: Guide me a bit in your tattoo journey. What got you interested in? When was your first tattoo?A: Tattooing to me is the greatest form of art and flattery. Since I was a child the world and life style of tattooing fascinated me. A small metal machine, full of needles is placed on an ever changing canvas to create a piece of art that will be with one person forever. It’s something you can never sell, trade or give away.Q: Nowadays, people are coming up with many creative ideas for a tattoo. What are the funniest experiences with the customers?A: Working in the tattoo industry for many years I’ve seen some pretty random things from angry spray paint cans to vagina shaped flowers. But when I owned my tattoo parlor my business partner use to use my face and body as tattoo flash. Now I’m tattooed on people across the world. Randomly I’ll see flash he did with my face and chuckle to myself that it’s me.Q: What made you to write a children's book “Sirus Has A Secret"? What were your basic interests at the time? Please feel free to share a link where readers can buy the book etc.A: I love children and I love making children smile. A few years back I was having a hard time with the rough economy and decided to try illustrating my own children’s book. It was originally a story a young boy had told me that made me laugh so hard I couldn’t forget it if I tried. I turned his funny story into a book for everyone to share. You can see it here at I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.Q: Alternative modeling is something that really express your outside beauty. I'm pretty sure that your gorgeous look is connected with your success. (laugh) I've noticed lots of cool ink on your body. When did you get your first tattoo, what was it? A: My tattoos tell a story of where I have been, who was there and crazy adventures. I got my first tattoo in Tulsa, Oklahoma around 1999 or 2000. During that time tattooing was illegal in the state and remained that way until November 2006. Like during prohibition, tattooing was an underground business. Smaller, less-profitable shops posed as legal businesses during the day, scouting for potential clients. However, only patrons who were referred could get tattoo appointments. I managed to find a referral and got my first tattoo, which was a small fairy on my back, right on my ribs. Q: How long have you been an alternative model? What modeling projects do you have coming up?A: I started modeling back in 2008. I was asked to model for a local tattoo magazine and fell in love with the whole process. I kept getting asked to do more projects and eventually started looking for them on my own. I even modeled for Kirk Hammett last summer during Metallica’s Orion Festival. As far as upcoming plans there are always so many projects and ideas in the air, but not all of them will stick. Right now, I’m in the middle of filming an episode of Cake Boss and I’ll be attending the New York Tattoo Convention and Ink-N-Iron Festival. Beyond that, it’s all uncertain, but I’m sure all good things are in store.Q: If you have to pick one easy thing women can do to improve their natural beauty, what would you suggest?A: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the true secret to natural beauty is accepting yourself for who you are. Love yourself and others will love you too!Q: Hit me with the most memorable session while Fx movie set! A: Working on Sharron Needles latest music video was really a blast. Our first day of shooting was in a haunted hotel that was furnished in Victorian furniture, candle operas and china tea settings. We filled the stage with fog and I made edible blood for the extras to drink from crystal glasses.Q: What would be the dream project you want to work on? A: My dream project would be working on anything by John Waters, Quentin Tarantino or Wes Anderson.Q: Your crazy lifestyle gives you the chance to meet lots of interesting people around.(Lucky You!) Who helped you to get into the movie industry? A: I started working in film back in 2008, as a fluke. I was asked to be an extra in a vampire film featuring Kat Von D. The location scout came to my tattoo shop looking for places to shoot, he saw these blown up photos of me on the wall, and mentioned that I would be great in the movie. I spent three grueling weeks as a background actor. The film ended up being a total flop, but you can see my ass bent over a dead body in a half-a-second scene. I liked working in film enough to keep accepting work. Since then I’ve done dozens of feature films, television shows and music videos.Q: Your favorite movie you've been working on? A: I’ve worked on many different projects, some good some bad but I always try to have a good time. I recently worked on an indie film by Jenny Slate, the voice of “Marcel the Shell.” I ended up getting my lines cut but being in a room of standup comedians all day was the best. There was David Cross, Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman; a dream team of comedians.Q: Do you feel stress out before the castings, how you cope all the possible pressures? A: Dealing with stress is always hard. I enjoy jogging on the Hudson River or having a drink with my friends. Either way I end up tired and face first on my floor spooning my dog! Haha Just kidding, maybe.Q: "The Bleeding" must be the movie all tattoo artists love the most, knowing you and Kat Von D. How was the feeling to work with the amazing crew? A: “The Bleeding” was a train wreck of a film that went straight to DVD. The cast was amazing. There was Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen, DMX, Kat Von D and Armand Assante. Too bad we had a crazy overworked director who was over budget and over deadline. The movie may have been a flop but spending 12 hour days with some of my favorite actors was a chance of a life time.Q: Tv Shows are also something that sets you apart from many others. Funny, inspiring, and gorgeous girl like you talking about the worst tattoos (America's Worst Tattoos on TLC) Come on! What is your best advice to the tattoo v*rgins?A: Oh Sheesh! Haha After being cast on two TV shows with the title America’s Worst you start to wonder what you’re doing wrong with your life but in all in all I am stoked to have done two really different and incredible TV Shows. America’s Worst Tattoos was a one day shot that was one of the hardest days on set I’ve ever had. I spent almost nine solid hours under the gun with Megan Massacre at the wheel. We had a blast sharing stories, making jokes and knocking out a bad ass tattoo. You can see it on TLC this May.Q: People can be jealous, crazy, unreliable - as an artist, what are some of your greatest challenges and obstacles you face? Do you find art as a cure, an endless salvation from all of the negative aspects of life?A: I keep a mental list of all the flakes, sh*t talkers and negative nellies that I’ve encountered and avoid them like the plague. There is no room in my life for those who can’t love themselves or make the best of every situation. Art and my dog Roxie are the two things I can always count on. They are always where I left them, they never talk trash and they always make me smile when I am having a hard day.Q: Seeing your big stunning portfolio, makes me wanna get out of my "comfort zone" and just keep trying and trying new things in life, feeling fearless. Gotta be honest, it made me think. How you feel about this? Are you proud and simply happy about your accomplishments? Or there is still something that should be done?A: I’m extremely proud of my accomplishments, of who I am, of where I’ve been and the lives I’ve touched along the way. I want to inspire people to do more, to dream bigger dreams and keep trying new things. Life is too short to sit around waiting for it to come to you, get out there and live it! My favorite quote to live by is “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” by Hunter S. Thompson. I can’t wait to fin the next project and accomplish the next goal! You can see all my upcoming works here:, and My Instagram is TheTattooedArtist and Twitter is TheTattooedArt. Q: Is there any trick that people should know in order to become successful? A: The real tricks to success are 1) Always keep a positive attitude 2) Keep your personal life personal and private and 3) ALWAYS carry business cards because you never know who you’re going to meet.Ms.Lonneberg, I can't describe how happy I'm having the chance to share some of my thoughts with you.THANK YOU for being so cool, It means a lot.ABOUT Kitty Crystal Lonneberg:CREDITSACTINGFilmography . . . . . . .“Obvious Child” . . . Bartender . . . Director:Gillian Robespierre“Girlzilla” . . . Coworker . . . Director:Lina Esco“Growing Up and Other Lies” . . . DJ . . . Director:Darren Grodsky“Towheads” (2013) . . . Snobby Tattooed Girl . . Director: Shannon Plumb“Joel M Reed Documentary” (2012) . . Interviewer . . Director: Alexia Anastasio“Deep Power” (2013) . . Prison Visitor/Stand In . . 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Bruises and bloodWardrobe Stylist Speak of The Devil (2013 Assistant)The Matinee (NYU Short Film 2012)Born Infinite (Music Video Ibex)Z-train (Trailer)Born Infinite (Music Video VAPORS)Klobbermiester (Music Video, Revolution)Production Assistant Pillow Theory (Music Video Blipeters)The Matinee (NYU Short Film 2012)Z-train (Trailer)Born Infinite (Music Video VAPORS)MODELINGBoss Lady PhotographyBill Tracy (Sky Graphx Clothing)UK Custom PlugsToo Fast ClothingRicky’s Halloween StoreRick Krueger (Cat’s Meow Magazine)Oleg Kud Photography (Inkd Life Clothing)Phil Knott (Afro Punk Calendar 2013)Vic Mac (Vblazin Magazine/Good Tees Bad Tees Clothing)Mark Velazquez (Dirty Shirty Test Shots)Dann Tara (Team Spirit for Vice Magazine)Tiffany Ann (Tattoo’d Life Style Magazine)Photophorea (Inked Up Angles Promo Shoot)Focus Productions, Inc. (Inked Up Angles Promo Shoot)Patrick Wade Photography (TBD)Liz Besanson (SourPuss Clothing/Inked Australia)Christopher Wells (Sugar and Spkies Calendar)Valentina Ramos Photography (Inked Magazine interview)Yassir Ketchum (Sugar and Spkies Pagent)Di Silva s Project (Lightweight Gallery Opening)Rob Antonucci (Pinups for Pitbulls)Secret Photo Affair (Tattoo Mag Sub)Paul Nathan (tattoo book)Pepper Negron (between the sheets)Eat the Cake NYC (Brooklyn Wildlife)Obscure alternatives (Damage Wear Clothing)Kyle Hood (The People Project)Troy Tomlinson Charlotte, NC (V-Twin Calendar)Billy Tinney (Tattoo Magazine)Def Film (Trade)Mixed Up Designs (Voltaic Festival Fashion Show)StoopidGirl Photography (Rockin Roller Salon)Nieto Photography (Children’s Book Inside Cover)Nelson Oliver (Klobbermiester ablum cover)Wahha Design (Tattoo Shop Ad)Tom Sapp (East Coast Ink Magazine)Perry Gallagher (Trade)More modelig jobs listed at