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Lott Dodd

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Lott is alive and kicking.
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Lott Dodd does not have the coronavirus. We haven't heard any unfortunate news about Lott Dodd having the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Lott Dodd - Biography

Lott Dodd was the Senator representing the Trade Federation in the Galactic Senate. The Trade Federation had gained such immense power in the Trade franchise that it had its own seat in the senate. Though this was corrupt and was seen as such by many, but was "justified" for the Trade Federation was in control of many systems. Lott Dodd made sure that all matters in the Senate would have a positive impact on the Trade Federation's buisness. Corruption like this was not only in the Trade Federation, but also in the Coorperate Alliance, The Banking Clan, The Techno Union, and the Commernce Guild, who also had seats in the Galactic Senate. When Chancellor Valorum was voted out of Office, Chancellor Palpatine laid down the rules on the corruption the senate. The Sith used the frustration of the coorperations to secede from the Republic and create a sepertist movement. Setting the stage for The Clone Wars. Lott Dodd remained in the Republic Senate, though the Trade Federation was aligned with the CIS. Many Senators questioned Lott Dodd's true loyalties during the war despite him claiming to be removed from the radical actions of Nute Gunray.