Is Lynda Dead or Still Alive? Lynda Birthday and Age


How Old Is Lynda? Lynda Birthday

Lynda was born on May 7, 1960 and is 62 years old now.

Birthday: May 7, 1960
How Old - Age: 62

Lynda Death Fact Check

Lynda is alive and kicking and is currently 62 years old.
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Is Lynda's father, Ray Van der Klok, dead or alive?

Ray Van der Klok's information is not available now.

Is Lynda's mother, Marilyn Van der Klok, dead or alive?

Marilyn Van der Klok's information is not available now.

Lynda - Biography

Lynda Van der Klok was born to Ray and Marilyn Van der Klok on May 7th, 1960 in Haddonfield, Illinois. She had one younger brother. Lynda was a ditzy cheerleader who rarely paid attention to her studies and was more intrested in boys and her social life. She was close friends with Laurie Strode and Annie Brackett. It was known that she never learned to moderate her voice, so everything she said was an announcement or a declaration. She was also known for trendy phrases, which she used to exhaustion for a month, then dropped from her vocabulary forever, to everyone's relief. In July the word was weird; in August it was gross; In September, she was calling everyone “Jack.” The October's word was totally. On October 31, 1978, she along with her friends, were walking home from school when Laurie noted that she forgot her chemistry book. Lynda then mentioned that she always forgets her books, remarking "who needs books anyway?". At that moment, a car was speeding down the road and when it stopped after Annie yelled at it. The girls were curious about who it was but the driver then left. Lynda then asked Annie if their plans were still on for the night in which she and her boyfriend Bob Simms were planning to have sex while the Wallaces were out. Lynda then arrived at her house and left the girls.