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Is Pollyanna Dorough Dead or Still Alive? Pollyanna Dorough Birthday and Age

Pollyanna Dorough

How Old Is Pollyanna Dorough? Pollyanna Dorough Birthday

Pollyanna Dorough was born on June 10, 2017 and is 5 years old now.

Birthday: June 10, 2017
How Old - Age: 5

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Pollyanna is alive and kicking and is currently 5 years old.
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Pollyanna Dorough's brother :

  • Howie Dorough (singer)

Pollyanna Dorough - Biography

Kind, caring and generous are only a few of the adjectives used to describe Pollyanna Dorough. She is a woman who does not have a single job description or favorite color. Where variety is the spice of life, Dorough has the variation to keep life exciting and positive. Dorough began her musical career singing at the age of seven. She performed in numerous school functions, pageants and local shows. From there she went to New York and was in a traveling children's theater group playing guitar, singing and acting to promote reading. She completed her Bachelor's of Music from the Conservatory of Music in New York. "All of it was preparation to where I am now and even now is preparation to where I'll be tomorrow," she said. These days Dorough is perfecting her performance. Her resume shows her deep commitment to music and charities. This past spring Dorough performed as an opening act for the Backstreet Boys' Black and Blue tour in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama and Puerto Rico. "It was awesome, the audience was so generous and supportive," Dorough said. "Because my music is more 'Spanglish' I knew South America would really be the only appropriate place to perform if I were ever to get an opportunity to open for Howie." Dorough's brother Howie is a member of the Backstreet Boys, but she promises there is no sibling rivalry or jealousy. "If anything it's more pride for each other because we are all talented," she said. "After a while you realize it's just timing and if you don't quit, it'll happen, you just can't quit. So I was glad that he got a break early." Having a sibling in the business has been a beneficial experience. "It's been a big benefit because the people that he's gotten to know, I've met," she said. "They are legitimate people because the industry is filled with sharks and scammers; it's really hard because this career doesn't come with instructions and a lot of it for me has included learning along the way." Dorough calls her relationship with her brother very supportive. They are both mutually interested in helping each other. As far as jealousy goes Dorough responds, "There's no jealousy, there's no room for that." One thing Dorough does make room for is helping charities and other organizations. Her family created The Dorough Lupus Foundation which began two and a half years ago after Dorough's sister Caroline died from the disease. The goal of the foundation is to educate people and find a cure for Lupus. Already over $200,000 has been donated to various organizations and research centers in Canada, Argentina and Los Angeles, Calif. Dorough has written a song called "Fly To Heaven" in memory of her sister, which Howie and she sing. Dorough is involved with other foundations, as well. She has helped numerous charities including Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Red Cross Latin Initiative Committee and the Los Angeles Lupus Foundation of America "God helps those who help Him," she said. "Anything I do here is great because when I pass away I can't take anything with me. I might as well help as many people as I can while I'm alive." She will be co-hosting the United Catholic Music and Video Awards /UnityAwards in Washington D.C. and singing "When A Child Is Born," from the album, Let There Be Love. The album is also helping numerous charities in Orlando. Dorough is not just an entertainer; she has taught music as well and says that if she were not performing, she would definitely pursue teaching. In the short time she spent as a teacher she said the most rewarding thing was, "when students came back to me and I saw the confidence they gained from it." "I would tell them 'Singing is 75 percent confidence and 25 percent what God has given you. With confidence you can do just about anything,'" she added. Dorough has been preparing for quite some time so it is surprising she has not had her big break yet. She was on the verge of being signed for a large recording contract when the events happened on Sept. 11, the same day she was to hear back from a record company. She is not disheartened at all and continues to keep a positive attitude about her future. "I have put so much time, effort and years into this," Dorough said. "Seeing progress keeps me going; it's a motivation in itself. I know music is my life and know that I am talented enough. I've put in the time, effort, and have been paying my dues, but now I'm prepared for that lucky break."