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Stephanie Petruso

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Virgo, birthday needed20 Questions for Miss Howard TVWhat’s your hometown and where do you live now? I was born in Phoenix, raised in Scottsdale, and now I live in Tempe. What do you do from 9-5? Well I usually don’t wake up until 12 pm. So from 12-5 depending on the day I might be in class, working, hanging out with friends, shopping, partying... never know with me What do you do after that? Oh geeze haha... well if I’m in class than after that I go home and either sleep or eat depends which one I need to do more. If it’s work than I’ll usually come home, eat and hangout with my roommates. Hanging out with friends, shopping, and partying kind of all go hand in hand cuz I would probably do all of theses on the same day one after another starting with shopping, than hanging out with friends maybe going to dinner, and than partying!!! Let`s talk about school for a sec. What`s your favorite class? What class do you dread?My favorite class is my online class because I just sit in front of my computer and learn about the history of Broadway. It`s pretty interesting. Class I probably dread is Political Science. Politics don`t really interest me too much... all I know is Bush= Big mistake.Do guys hit on you all the time at school?They did when I was at Scottsdale Community College but now that I am at ASU all I get is stares cuz usually I am speed walking to class because it is so darn hot outside.What do you find sexy in a man?Ohhh gosh... probably their eyes and smile... if you have sexy gorgeous eyes and a smile that makes me want to grab you and just start making out with you... your in baby! Oh and a good bone structure haha I know that`s cheesy but it matters to me.Have you hooked up a lot at college? Tell us about some memorable hookups?Umm for most of college I had a boyfriend but... when we broke up I was over at my friends place for a little get together on a Sunday and their friend from Iraq was home and lets just say that, that night was very fun and interesting...Why do you like Howard Stern?I love his attitude... He says what he wants and does what he wants... I love it... Badass.What`s the best way for a guy to pick up a hot chick like you?I don`t usually fall for the type of guy that walks up to me and tries hitting on me. I have to know you somehow first. Because otherwise I will just think you`re some creepy loser.What are some things that instantly turn you off about a guy?Guys that think they are hot sh*t... God`s damn gift to this world... It`s pathetic.Have you ever had a lesbian experience? Please explain...Nope, I don`t like my own kind haha.What female celebrity are you most attracted to and why?I LOVE LINDSAY LOHAN!!!! I know she has some issues but I just think she is absolutely gorgeous and I hope she gets her act together.So what if Lindsay Lohan wanted to hook up with you? Would you make an exception to your "don`t like my own kind" rule?Haha... probably wouldn`t make an exception... I would probably kiss her but that`s as far as I would go.Would you date a really nerdy guy... like J.D. from the Stern Show?No, sorry I don`t go for nerds... ever since high school I have just never gotten along with nerds. They for some reason think they are better than everyone else.What`s your best physical feature? Why?I personally don`t know but a lot of people give me compliments on my eyes. And I have no clue why.Have you ever had a threesome? If so, tell us about it...Nope. I don`t think I ever would. I`m pretty greedy when it comes to my guys I don`t think I would like to share.Where do you see yourself in 20 years?Wow in 20 years I`ll be 40... Scary... ummm I hope in 20 years I have accomplished everything that I want to in life. My acting career, my modeling career, and my news anchoring career as well. And hopefully married with children.Do you think being a hot chick makes life easier?No, not at all. You can never find a real guy that actually appreciates you for who you really are. It is frustrating, makes you think there are no legit guys out there that will actually treat a beautiful, nice girl the right way.Do you have a role model?Hugh Hefner`s girlfriend Bridget... I love her. If I could grow up being her I`d be content.What`s your underwear of choice...thongs, bikinis, or boy shorts? Please... tell us why.Thongs!!!! I just think they are the most comfortable things... besides every other type gives you a wedgie and with thongs it`s like an automatic wedgie, but the comfy kind.