About Us

Dead or Kicking is the most reliable online source of stating celebrities’ and notable people’s death, their time of death, cause of death and location of death. Our goal is fighting with internet hoaxes and reporting facts from reliable sources. Our expert team of researchers check the status of each person carefully using online and offline sources before updating each one.

Dead or Kicking consists of a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience in reporting, news, research, fact check, web administration and digital marketing.

Dead or Kicking does not update any status unless it’s officially approved.


    • What information is available on Dead or Kicking?

Celebrity news, their synopsis, personal life info and a comprehensive report on their death status. All the information here are continuously being fact checked by our experts to be sure of reflecting nothing but truth.

    • How can I find a specific person on Dead or Kicking?

You can simply use the search box on the top menu if you know the name of the person. Otherwise, you can use our directory of celebrities and notable people based on nationality, year of birth or year of death.

    • What if I notice a wrong information on the website?

Please kindly use the [Edit] button and the form on each person’s page to let us know if you think there is a wrong information on that page. We do appreciate your contribution and will check the matter promptly.

    • Can I add a person’s profile to Dead or Kicking?

Sure! Please kindly use the the form on Contact Us page to let us know about the person you want their information to be added to Dead or Kicking. Please provide reliable sources for your information.

    • How can I ask to remove my information?

Please kindly use the [Edit] button and the form on the page or the contact us form to let us know if you want to be removed from Dead or Kicking plus the proof of showing who you are and how you are representing the person who you would like to be removed.

    • How Does Dead or Kicking work?

We are a growing team of experts in reporting, news, fact check, digital media and web administration. Our only revenue strategy for now is through publishing ads on the pages.

Let’s keep the celebrities we love alive by sharing their stories even when they are dead. Good people won’t be forgotten.