Is Yahiko Dead or Still Alive? Yahiko Birthday and Age


How Old Is Yahiko? Yahiko Birthday

Yahiko was born on February 20, 1980 and is 42 years old now.

Birthday: February 20, 1980
How Old - Age: 42

Yahiko Death Fact Check

Yahiko is alive and kicking and is currently 42 years old.
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Yahiko Coronavirus

Does Yahiko Have the coronavirus?

Yahiko does not have the coronavirus. We haven't heard any unfortunate news about Yahiko having the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Yahiko - Biography

Yahiko was a shinobi from Amegakure and founder of the original Akatsuki.his body acted as the Deva Path of Nagato`s Six Paths Of Pain.Yahiko`s personality was similar to Naruto`s.his dream was to be a leader of his village,and he never gave up no matter what.when he was alive,Yahiko had a strong "eye for an eye" philosphy.he hated the way Amegakure was looked at by the rest of the world,and hated what he had become.he was defensive of the village,saying that it was his dream to stop the endless rain,which he compared to tears,and protect the nation`s citizens.Yahiko wanted to become the ruler of the world so there wouldn`t be any more wars.many of these traits were adopted by Nagato after Yahiko`s death.Among the three Ame orphans,Yahiko seemed to act as the leader of the group.it was Yahiko who first approached the sannin to ask for food,and was the first to ask Jiraiya to teach them ninjutsu.he also seemed to act as an older brother for Nagato and Konan,reminding Nagato to not cry and to act more manly {although Yahiko was the one who cried when Jiraiya left them}.he also wished to become stronger so as to protect Nagato and Konan.he had faith in Nagato,when he got older.Yahiko was willing to commit suicide rathen than endanger Konan`s life,displaying a very high level of loyalty to those he cared for.