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Is Bill Mauldin Dead or Still Alive? Bill Mauldin Birthday and Date of Death

Bill Mauldin

Bill Mauldin Death

Bill passed away on January 22, 2003 at the age of 81 in Newport Beach, California.

Bill Mauldin death quick facts:
  • When did Bill Mauldin die?

    January 22, 2003
  • How old was Bill Mauldin when died?

  • Where did Bill Mauldin die? What was the location of death?

    Newport Beach, California

Bill Mauldin Birthday and Date of Death

Bill Mauldin was born on October 29, 1921 and died on January 22, 2003. Bill was 81 years old at the time of death.

Birthday: October 29, 1921
Date of Death: January 22, 2003
Age at Death: 81

Is Bill Mauldin's father, Sidney Albert Mauldin, dead or alive?

Sidney Albert Mauldin's information is not available now.

Is Bill Mauldin's mother, Katrina Bemis Mauldin Curtis, dead or alive?

Katrina Bemis Mauldin Curtis's information is not available now.

Bill Mauldin - Biography

Though his brief onscreen career would consist solely of two film appearances, actor/writer Bill Mauldin's creation of G.I. Willie and G.I. Joe served to inspire battered soldiers in the dark days of WWII, while his novels inspired such films as Up Front and Back at the Front. Born in Santa Fe, NM, and educated at the Academy of Fine-Art in Chicago, Mauldin enlisted in the Army in 1940 and subsequently found his work published by Stars and Stripes. Mauldin won a Pulitzer for his editorial cartooning in 1945 and ultimately wound up working at The Chicago Sun Times in the early 1960s. It was here that Mauldin would create one of his most famous images following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that of former president Abraham Lincoln grieving at the Lincoln Memorial. Stricken with Alzheimer's disease later in life, Mauldin would die of complications resulting from the ravaging condition on January 22, 2003. He was 81.