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Is Antony Alda Dead or Still Alive? Antony Alda Birthday and Date of Death

Antony Alda

Antony Alda Death

Antony passed away on July 3, 2009 at the age of 52 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Antony's cause of death was cirrhosis of the liver.

Antony Alda death quick facts:
  • When did Antony Alda die?

    July 3, 2009
  • How did Antony Alda die? What was the cause of death?

    Cirrhosis of the liver
  • How old was Antony Alda when died?

  • Where did Antony Alda die? What was the location of death?

    Los Angeles, California, USA

Antony Alda Birthday and Date of Death

Antony Alda was born on December 9, 1956 and died on July 3, 2009. Antony was 52 years old at the time of death.

Birthday: December 9, 1956
Date of Death: July 3, 2009
Age at Death: 52

Is Antony Alda's father, Robert Alda, dead or alive?

Antony Alda's father, Robert Alda, died on May 3, 1986 as he was 72 years old. His cause of death was stroke.

Is Antony Alda's mother, Flora Marino., dead or alive?

Flora Marino.'s information is not available now.

Antony Alda's brother :

  • Antony Alda's brother, Alan Alda, is still alive and kicking at the age of 88. He is American and has had a career as an actor.

Antony Alda - Biography

Antony Alda was an American actor who grew up in a famous acting family. The son of Robert Alda, he was born in France, his early studies were in Rome and he finished at The Juilliard School in New York City. An active actor, he appeared on stage, and in film, and on television, including his role as Johnny Corelli in Days of Our Lives. His career culminated in writing, directing, and performing in The Role of a Lifetime. He died at age 52.
Throughout his career, Alda played in seven films including the Oscar-winning Melvin and Howard, Homeboy, Hot Child in the City, and two TV "shorts" including Bungle Abbey. He was cast in several television series and appeared in more than 200 episodes including two on Knots Landing as Rick Elliot. Alda later played Johnny Corelli during two years (1990–1991) on NBC's Days of Our Lives. Like Johnny Corelli, Alda saw himself as something of a jokester. He said, "I always played practical jokes on people." One prank involved his putting on a wig and passing himself off as one of his mother's church friends to a visiting aunt.

His most notable accomplishment is the film Role of a Lifetime released in 2001. Alda wrote, directed, and acted in the film, which is about a formerly successful actor, Bobby. Bobby seems to be egotistical at first, but is soon rendered a sympathetic persona by the starring actor, Scott Bakula. Bobby has lost his wife in the Hollywood rat race and is on his way to becoming a "has-been." He has an accident that results in a disappearance long enough for Hollywood to assume he is dead and to begin to cast a movie based on his life. Bobby takes on a different identity, that of Texan Buck Steele, in order to audition for and, eventually, play himself in the movie.
In the persona of Buck Steele, Bobby interacts with his ex-wife, his best friend and a mysterious old Hispanic gentleman. These experiences, while disturbing, enable Bobby to reexamine many aspects of his life. (Alda both credited and quoted Socrates in the film; he inconspicuously placed Socrates' quote "An unexamined life is not worth living" in several scenes.)