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Diamanti is alive and kicking.
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20 Questions for Miss Howard TVWhat`s your hometown and where do you live now?I`m originally from Toronto, born and raised. I currently split my time now between Toronto and just outside of Philly (PA). I am on the road a fair bit between both homes and work etc.What do you do from 9-5?Sleep! lol! No seriously, I actually don`t work `9-5`, well perhaps 9pm to 5am! I work as an exotic dancer, usually 3 nights a week. I also do some modeling, which has me traveling to meetings and auditions in various cities. It keeps things exciting, as I travel pretty much every week. If I`m not working, I`m at the gym. Which totally rocks, cause everyone is working 9-5, so the gym is empty!How did you get started as a dancer?Well, I`m sure it sounds cliché to say, I had a corporate job and left it, but I really did! I worked for several years in the Insurance Industry as an Analyst, litigating claims, dealing with lawyers, white collar shirt (yes I wore those, even though the buttons were busting at the chest lol!). I just was not happy, and after a long time of thinking it over, I finally snapped! I walked out of there and started dancing that weekend! It is the single most freeing experience of my life! I have a background in dance, and used to teach dance/choreography. So it kind of came naturally...minus the clothes lol!Do you ever get turned on while you`re dancing naked for guys?I must admit, there have been times that the situation did get (ahem) a little moist...HAHA! Is that bad? I can`t help it, I really get into my work!Were you always sexual growing up?I have always been a very sexually charged individual. I find many things erotic, that others may not even blink at... When I was in High School, I found that I was ahead of my time (sexually), so I used to date older guys. Well that didn`t go down too well with guys my age, cause they didn`t stand a chance, and well the girls, we know how that goes. Girls always hate having the `sl*t` reputation in High School, I find it a compliment. Embracing your sexuality is empowering and hot!What`s the best way for a guy to pick up a hot chick like you?Straight up real. I HATE FAKE! Be yourself, and FUNNY! I love humor. I love guys that are not scared to pit themselves out there. Believe it or not, I`m old fashioned when it comes to the `venus/mars` pursuit. I expect to be pursued. I may like you, but you would have to make the first move. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, not what you think I want to hear. And believe it or not, qualities that a guy thinks may be nerdy, girls actually dig. Have confidence but not c*cky...bragging about what you have and who you are will get you no where. My rule is that in the first five minutes of speaking with someone, if nothing of value or substance comes out of their mouth...they`ve lost me. A lot of guys think that hot girls only go for magazine type guys...so they don`t put themselves out there. Not true, taking the plunge and being yourself will prevail...and get you laid!So I`m guessing you`ve had plenty of lesbian experiences, tell me about your favorite one.If I had to choose, I would have to say that it was my most recent one. I have had experiences with up to 3 others girls in one session, but this last time, it was just me and this ULTRA HOT friend of mine. I loved it cause it was just us two, and we were able to focus on each other and really get into it. Also, because it was more intimate, it opened the door to more comfort...and out came my strap on! It was the first time I used it on her, so it almost felt like `our first time` it sounds weird, but it was hot. I got really turned on, while I was on top of her looking down and seeing her facial expressions while I... well you get the picture.Why do you think you`re so sexual? Good question?...why isn`t everybody else? Seriously, I find any type of sexual act or thought such a turn on that it drives me nuts...anything that has to do with sex, I`m obsessed with. I find that sex for me begins mentally, and I have a very vivid imagination, very graphic. As soon as I am turned on mentally, the physical follows. It seriously is an addiction!Are you more of a giver or a receiver when you are with a man? Both. The deal is, that in every encounter I have ever had, I am a total giver. That being said, I will totally take!, and take and take... sometimes 2-3 times in one session! Lol! But by the time all is said and done, I have done WAY more than my share in pleasing him. I get off on being able to `service` a guy, even if there is nothing in return for me. I love to watch his reactions to what I do and know that I have the ability to blow his mind. Plus, I treat each time as if it were the last. Meaning, my theory is, if this is the last time I`m going to **** this guy, he`s gonna be singing my name for years to cum!...oops... I mean come!Have you ever used any sex toys? Tell us about them?HAHA! Should I alphabetize? Where do I start? Over the years, I have managed to become the owner of a very, very, large quantity of toys, sex furniture, etc... I own a large cross (which on the show they referred to perhaps having religious meaning). Not at all, it is intended as a free standing device to be able to restrain someone (as they would be on a bed spread eagle) only standing up. It is great for spanking, teasing etc... I also have a ****ing machine. This thing rocks! You just attach any size dildo on the end of it, lie back and get your brains ****** out! Sounds crazy, but is great for when the hubby is on business trips! Plus you can also use it on yourself and have your oral abilities available for your guy... it`s almost like having a threesome! Lets see, also own about a few hundred various vibrators, ticklers, dildos, plugs, beads, rings, double dongers, paddles, whips, blindfolds, gags, masks... etc. That`s not even including all the outfits, from nurse to harem princess, your wish is my command!How often do you have sex?EVERY DAY!!!! If I can`t get real sex (meaning someone else to join me lol), then I get myself off! I try to score some everyday...HAHA! Seriously... but if I`m traveling etc...and my boyfriend is not around, then out come the toys! I`d say between real sex, and solo sex I engage in one form or another a few times a day. Is that bad?! Lol!What is your favorite type of sex?To give? Oral sex hands down!!!! I love, love, love (did I mention love?) to give oral sex!!!!! There is something so empowering about getting a guy off and watching what it does to him... having full control of him the entire time. I am so obsessed with giving it, that I have made it my mission to perfect it! I pick up little tricks here and there. Not to toot my own horn (toot toot), but after I`m done, I usually get a standing ovation...HAHA! Seriously, as for my favorite in receiving? Anal all the way!!!!!!! If I had to choose only one form of sex I could have from now until I die...that would be it! Love the thought of it, the feeling of it, everything!What are some of the strangest things you`ve done in bed?Again, I find some of the stuff pretty normal. The dirtier, the better! I`ve had requests for a cream filled donut to be squeezed into me and then eaten out. Also, ice cubes, I have a pretty good skill of being able to insert them and then shooting them out of my p*ssy. I`ve had experiences where I have been asked to urinate on someone, and I did...on his face (keep in mind he asked for it). I don`t mind pushing limits and trying anything at least once.Where is the strangest place you`ve ever had sex?Well, here`s the deal, places that I may find normal, others may think are strange... let`s see, at the park on the monkey bars?, airport?, elevator?, at the park on a bench (did I mention it was daylight with people walking by?)... are those strange places? Cause at the time, it seemed pretty normal?! LOL!What are some things about a man that would turn you off?As per above, big ego`s, guys who won`t stop talking about who they are, or what they have... etc. Guys who think they can buy you, shallowness, ignorant, and narrow mindedness are all BLAH qualities... And the number one stinker (no pun intended), BAD HYGENE!!!!!! A guy needs to be well kept, showered, groomed, clothed, etc... This is a deal breaker!Are your br**sts real or are they implants?Hmmm. Are my br**sts real?....REAL FUN!!!!! Lol! I got them done about 3 years ago. They are silicone 500cc`s... a Double D...and I love them!!!!! I know that some people prefer natural over fake, hey, whatever floats your boat. I personally am attracted to very large fake looking br**sts. So, what`s more important than finding yourself sexy? Plus I play with them all the time!Where would you like your career to take you?I feel like I am making up for lost time! So many years were spent conforming to `societies norms`, feeling like I should live my life a certain way, or how others wanted me to be. Now, it`s all about me and what I want to do! I have always wanted to be in the entertainment industry, more specifically exotic/adult modeling and film...YES PORN!!!! Why not turn, what I do best, into a career!!!!!Is there anybody on the Stern show that you think is cute?I find attractive qualities in many people. Sometimes, it may be one thing about them that gets me totally hot! I think Howard is super hot cause of his height. I have this thing for tall guys, I find it very masculine and powerful. I also Doug sexy...I think it`s the eyes...and I would love to get Gange on my cross... something about the innocence factor. I feel like I need to corrupt it! Sorry Gange, did I scare you off? Gange?Where do you see yourself in 20 years?Having had a blast doing what I really wanted to do, having written 2 books about it, and working in radio, still talking about it!What are the most difficult things about being a hot girl? The most difficult thing would probably be the expectations and preconceived notions others put on you. The stereo type of being pretty and dumb, or stuck up, shallow etc... And once they find out you actually have a (GASP) personality, then automatically, something must be wrong with you, somewhere, somehow. I really don`t go out of my way to try and impress people or `prove myself` I am really down to earth with a huge sense of humor and always playing practical jokes. I figure, if someone takes the time, and for those who really know me, all of that transcends.

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