Is Pixinguinha Dead or Still Alive? Pixinguinha Birthday and Date of Death


Pixinguinha Death

Pixinguinha passed away on February 17, 1973 at the age of 75.

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  • When did Pixinguinha die?

    February 17, 1973
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Pixinguinha Birthday and Date of Death

Pixinguinha was born on April 23, 1897 and died on February 17, 1973. Pixinguinha was 75 years old at the time of death.

Birthday: April 23, 1897
Date of Death: February 17, 1973
Age at Death: 75

Pixinguinha - Biography

Alfredo da Rocha Viana, Jr., better known as Pixinguinha (April 23, 1897 – February 7, 1973) was a composer, arranger, flautist and saxophonist born in Rio de Janeiro. Pixinguinha is considered one of the greatest Brazilian composers of popular music, particularly within the genre of music known as choro. By integrating the music of the older choro composers of the 19th century with contemporary jazz-like harmonies, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, and sophisticated arrangements, he introduced choro to a new audience and helped to popularize it as a uniquely Brazilian genre. He was also one of the first Brazilian musicians and composers to take advantage of the new professional opportunities offered to musicians by the new technologies of radio broadcasting and studio recording. Pixinguinha composed dozens of choros, including some of the most well-known works in the genre such as "Carinhoso", "Glória", "Lamento" and "Um a Zero".