Richard Ney


Is Richard Ney Dead or Still Alive? Richard Ney Birthday and Date of Death

Richard Ney

Richard Ney Death

Richard passed away on July 18, 2004 at the age of 87 in Pasadena, California. Richard's cause of death was heart problems.

Richard Ney death quick facts:
  • When did Richard Ney die?

    July 18, 2004
  • How did Richard Ney die? What was the cause of death?

    Heart problems
  • How old was Richard Ney when died?

  • Where did Richard Ney die? What was the location of death?

    Pasadena, California

Richard Ney Birthday and Date of Death

Richard Ney was born on November 12, 1916 and died on July 18, 2004. Richard was 87 years old at the time of death.

Birthday: November 12, 1916
Date of Death: July 18, 2004
Age at Death: 87

Is Richard Ney's father, Erwin Maximillian Ney, dead or alive?

Erwin Maximillian Ney's information is not available now.

Is Richard Ney's mother, Rebie Margaret Flood, dead or alive?

Rebie Margaret Flood's information is not available now.

Richard Ney - Biography

A Columbia University grad with an economics degree, Richard Ney was sidetracked into stage and films. For his movie debut, Ney was cast as Greer Garson's eldest son in the Oscar-winning Mrs. Miniver (1942). He later married Garson, ten years his senior, accruing negative publicity during their 1947 divorce proceedings when it was alleged that he had derided her for being old. One does not malign an icon like Greer Garson, and Ney suffered for the divorce with a series of inferior films made both in Hollywood and Europe, the nadir being 1953's horrendous Babes in Baghdad. Ney forsook acting for good in 1961 to become a prominent stock market analyst and financial consultant. He gained nationwide fame in 1962 for accurately predicting the stock market crash of that year. He also wrote several best-selling books on the subject of Wall Street, and was a frequent talk-show guest and financial-advice show host.