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Is Ted Mapes Dead or Still Alive? Ted Mapes Birthday and Date of Death

Ted Mapes

Ted Mapes Death

Ted passed away on September 9, 1984 at the age of 82 in Burbank, California.

Ted Mapes death quick facts:
  • When did Ted Mapes die?

    September 9, 1984
  • How old was Ted Mapes when died?

  • Where did Ted Mapes die? What was the location of death?

    Burbank, California

Ted Mapes Birthday and Date of Death

Ted Mapes was born on November 25, 1901 and died on September 9, 1984. Ted was 82 years old at the time of death.

Birthday: November 25, 1901
Date of Death: September 9, 1984
Age at Death: 82

Is Ted Mapes's father, John Henry Mapes, dead or alive?

John Henry Mapes's information is not available now.

Is Ted Mapes's mother, Alice B. Welch Mapes, dead or alive?

Alice B. Welch Mapes's information is not available now.

Ted Mapes - Biography

Ted Mapes was an American character actor, who was also a prolific stuntman and body double. Born on November 25, 1901 in St. Edward, Nebraska, he moved to Los Angeles in his mid-20s, and entered the film industry in 1929, first as a grip, and then as a stuntman and actor. He doubled for many famous actors, including Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper. His film and television career spanned forty years, during which time he appeared in hundreds of films and television shows, either as an actor, stuntman or body double. After his career in front of the camera ended in 1969, Mapes became an advocate for animal safety in films, working as an observer on sets for the American Humane Association.