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Gérard Klein

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Gérard Klein was born on May 27, 1937 and is 86 years old now.

Birthday: May 27, 1937
How Old - Age: 86

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Gérard is alive and kicking and is currently 86 years old.
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Gérard Klein - Biography

Gérard Klein , born27 May 1937in Neuilly-sur-Seine , is an economist French who has long worked to fund Dépôts , where he is especially busy saving savings. In the mid French of science fiction , it is known by its activities writer and editor , by which it exercises considerable influenceBiography [ edit | edit the code ]Born in 1937 in Neuilly-sur-Seine 1 , Gérard Klein has mostly led a life of economist , the science fiction being long remained for him a hobby 2 . He graduated from social psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Sorbonne , and economics at the Institute of Political Studies of Paris 1 . After his studies, he was drafted two years to the war in Algeria 2 .Economist career [ edit | edit the code ]In 1963, he quickly found work with the Sedes , a subsidiary of economic studies of the cash deposits and consignments . There it occupies essentially of economy of urban planning and economy of savings until 1976. In 1970 he published The household savings to university presses, with Louis Fortran. Meanwhile, he led the studies that lead to the creation of the housing savings plan 2 .When started his career in publishing, it remains to advise prospective and creates the prospective group of cash deposits with two other people. In 1987, he ceases essentially its economist activities but continues prospective for different institutions, including EDF , and remains in close contact with the association Futuribles to set up a working group on the Digital Book 2 .Career in publishing [ edit | edit the code ]As a result of his efforts, but partly by chance, he met Robert Laffont who entrusted him with the SF collection Elsewhere Tomorrow and its publishing house 2 in 1969, considered the most prestigious science fiction collection in France. He is also director of the science fiction collection Pocket Book in 1986, and directed with Jacques Goimard and Demètre Ioakimidis Great Anthology of Science Fiction , 1974 and 1985 1 .The importance of his career economist says he did not write more. In 1976, Robert Laffont asked him to join him as general editor, not just for science fiction as it manages a dozen science collections and prospective 2 .Writing career [ edit | edit the code ]He published 18 years in his first texts Galaxy and Fiction . After a first novel, Pitfalls in space , published in 1958 under the pseudonym François Pagery at Rayon Fantastique (with two others) 3 , he wrote under his own name The Gambit Star , published the same year. It is presented to the Jules Verne Price , he just missed. At the same time fate Pearls time , a collection of stories 1 . He published five novels in Black River under the pseudonym Gilles Argyre. Argyre finds including The Saga Argyre (1960-1964), a trilogy whose second volume is the famous The Sailboats of the sun .In his work, a new stands: Viruses do not speak , where he imagines that the virus would have created living things in the same way that men have created computers and for the same reason: to increase their effectiveness. This idea prefigures a book by naturalist Richard Dawkins who will then make a stir: The Selfish Gene , on the same subject: the living beings can be regarded as large organizations robots used by genes to replicate more and faster. In the new Gérard Klein, the creature escapes the intentions of its creator as man seeks to eliminate viruses. See therefore Articles golem , Karel Čapek and Isaac Asimov .Gérard Klein also gives the scoop (the tie limit with Cordwainer Smith ) the use of solar-powered science fiction 4 [ref. obsolete] . He is the author of fifteen books, and a large number of reviews and articles on the subject. His work is translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Romanian. In 2005, he received the Science Fiction Research on Pilgrim prize for his work, and in 2007 published the anthology new RAM, ROM , at Robert Laffont 1 .Works [ edit | edit the code ]There is a category dedicated to this subject: Work of Gérard Klein .François signed Pagery [ edit | edit the code ]Pitfalls in space , novel, Fantastic Surroundings , Hachette, 1958 with Richard and Patrick Chomet Rondard