Is John Hodiak really dead or still alive?

John has passed away on October 19, 1955 at the age of 41 in Hollywood, California. John's cause of death was coronary thrombosis.

John Hodiak death quick facts:
  • When did John Hodiak die? October 19, 1955
  • How did John Hodiak die? What was the cause of death? Coronary thrombosis
  • How old was John Hodiak when died? 41
  • Where did John Hodiak die? Hollywood, California

John Hodiak was an American actor who worked in radio, stage and film.

Is John Hodiak's father, Walter Hodiak, dead or alive?

John’s father, Walter Hodiak, information is not available now.

Is John Hodiak's mother, Anna Pogorzelec, dead or alive?

John’s mother, Anna Pogorzelec, information is not available now.