Is Katie Dead or Still Alive? Katie Birthday and Date of Death


Katie Death

Katie Embry passed away on April 9, 2002 at the age of 13 in Chicago,Illinois.

Katie death quick facts:
  • When did Katie die?

    April 9, 2002
  • How old was Katie when died?

  • Where did Katie die? What was the location of death?


Katie Birthday and Date of Death

Katie was born on February 19, 1989 and died on April 9, 2002. Katie Embry was 13 years old at the time of death.

Birthday: February 19, 1989
Date of Death: April 9, 2002
Age at Death: 13

Katie - Biography

Katie Embry appears at the beggining of The Ring along with her friend Becca. They are watching TV and start discussing a tape that kills you after 7 days. Katie says she watched it, then pretends to start choking. Becca calls her a freak and asks if she and Josh "did anything." They get in a pillow fight, and the phone rings. Katie talks to her mom, and Becca goes upstairs. Then she took a drink from a glass, and the TV activated itself to static. She turned it off, and it came right back on. She angrily unplugged the TV, and she saw a blur. She closed the refridgerator, and went upstairs. She saw water on the floor and doorknob. She opened the door and saw the well on the TV, then her face rotted and distorted, and she died. Later, at her funeral, her mother Ruth Embry, told Rachel Keller that she couldn't think of why Katie would die like that. She says that she saw Katie's dead face in the closet, and there is a flash back where Ruth finds Katie's dead corpse in the closet. Later, after Rachel finds Noah's dead body, there is another flashback showing both Katie and Noah's dead faces