Maurice Frydman


Is Maurice Frydman Dead or Still Alive? Maurice Frydman Birthday and Date of Death

Maurice Frydman

Maurice Frydman Death

Maurice passed away on March 9, 1976 at the age of 75 in India.

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  • When did Maurice Frydman die?

    March 9, 1976
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Maurice Frydman Birthday and Date of Death

Maurice Frydman was born in 1901 and died on March 9, 1976. Maurice was 75 years old at the time of death.

Birthday: 1901
Date of Death: March 9, 1976
Age at Death: 75

Maurice Frydman - Biography

Maurice Frydman (Maurycy Frydman or Maurycy Frydman-Mor in Polish), aka Swami Bharatananda (1901 in Warsaw, Russian Empire – 9 March 1977 in India), was an engineer and humanitarian who spent the later part of his life in India. He lived at the ashram of Mahatma Gandhi and took an active part in India's fight for independence—notably in helping to draft a new constitution for the State of Aundh that became the Aundh Experiment. He was a Polish Jew who subsequently converted to Hinduism.