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Is Paula Baniszewski Dead or Still Alive? Paula Baniszewski Birthday and Age

Paula Baniszewski

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Paula is alive and kicking.
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Paula Baniszewski Coronavirus

Does Paula Baniszewski Have the coronavirus?

Paula Baniszewski does not have the coronavirus. We haven't heard any unfortunate news about Paula Baniszewski having the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Is Paula Baniszewski's mother, Gertrude Baniszewski, dead or alive?

Paula Baniszewski's mother, Gertrude Baniszewski, died on June 16, 1990 as she was 60 years old. Her cause of death was lung cancer.

Paula Baniszewski's sister :

  • Stephanie Baniszewski

Paula Baniszewski's brother :

  • John Baniszewski Jr.

Paula Baniszewski - Biography

Paula Baniszewski is a criminal. It came as a shock to an Iowan school when they discovered that one of their own faculty members, Paula Pace, had once been convicted of second degree murder. In 1965 then Paula Baniszewski helped aid in the torture of teenage girl named Sylvia Likens, which ultimately lead to the young girl’s death.
The girls had been friends at one time. When she was seventeen, Paula invited Sylvia, as well as her sister, Jenny, to stay with her family while the Likens girl’s mother spent time in jail on shoplifting charges. Lester Likens paid $20 a month for his daughters’ boarding. For a period of three months Sylvia was horrifically abused by members of the Baniszewski family with the head of the household, Gertrude, being the main aggressor. She was routinely subjected to violent beatings and verbal abuse by Gertrude and her children.

In addition to the beatings, Sylvia was also starved, burned, force-fed feces, and had the words “I am prostitute and proud of it!” carved into her stomach with a heated needle. At one point Paula had hit the girl so hard in the face that the force of impact broke her own wrist. When she returned from the hospital, the Baniszewski girl continued the beatings, this time with her new cast. Paula would also spread lies about Likens to provoke her enraged mother into further torturing the girl.
After a failed escape attempt, Gertrude threw Sylvia down the basement stairs where the girl laid, broken physically and emotionally, until her body finally gave in. On October 26, 1965 Sylvia Marie Likens died at the age of sixteen.

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